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Hi I'm Bijay And I
design Awesome Websites

  • " Bijay was able to create high class, beautiful web pages with clean code .. "

    - Anna Dang

  • " Good work. Thanks! "

    - Keith Wagner

Some of the My Awesome Website designs ...
  • Aqua World
  • Geeks Nation
  • Geeks on repair
  • Geeks Remote 24-7
  • Sparkling Multipurpose
  • Orbis Printing
  • aa

Website and UI Design

I design High quality websites from scratch i.e from Mockup on photoshop to finished product using all the latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 implementing awesome jQuery features as well. I also design user interfaces for web applications and have been doing so over a year as freelancer as well as full time web developer in a company.


Website Development

Designing a website has always been my passion, but developing a website and making it come to life is what i love the most. I mostly (to be honest i only) use PHP and MySQL to create dynamic websites that are managed through Custom content management system, as well as develop websites using opensource platforms like Wordpress.


Responsive Design

Almost every modern day websites are built responsive to various mobile platforms like Android and ios devices. This is a great boost to your business as maximum number of peoples are accessing websites through their mobile and tablet devices these days. I can give you a responsive website that works on every device that you want.

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Hello and welcome to my website, Thanks for dropping by. Well this block is the introduction section so let me introduce myself. I am a web designer, front-end developer and a web developer. I am a freelance developer and full time designer at the same time. I love designing website from scratch and develop them to fully functioning high quality products. I work using HTML5 and CSS3, implementing awesome jQuery effects and develop with PHP and MySQL database system. Since you are already here in my site, why don\'t you go over to my portfolio section (work page) to check out some of my latest designs or you can learn more about me by going to the About page. oh and by the way, i blog too so you can click that blog link on the footer to read my latest blog posts.